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Only 5 more runs to go !!

Got up early to start week 8 ...well early for me on a Sunday morning... as it promises to be a very hot day. Still very warm though and my goodness can my face actually get any redder!! Almost wished for the rain to come back to cool me down .

Still plodding but getting a bit quicker and definitely recovering quicker at the end of each run. Good luck to my fellow over 60yrs,overweight plodders. We CAN do it :-) xx

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Great job, keep up the great work! I'm not over 60 but I'm definitely in the category of overweight plodder (describes me to a tee). It's funny, it's been so hot where I am that I actually get excited if I see rain in the forecast because I hate running in the sweltering heat. Good luck with those last five runs! :)



WELL DONE YOU! I'm well over 60 and overweight too. Just keep on plodding - that's all we have to do! I don't enjoy heat either but fortunately I now run on the shady side of the river and manage to keep cool enough. Did W4R2 this morning and was pleasantly surprised I managed to do it after 10 days out. Looking forward to W5R1 on Wednesday. GOOD LUCK TO YOU for the rest of your week!


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