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Week 1, Session 2

All didn't go quite to plan, set the alarm for 7 am on Saturday morning, so I could go for a run before my doctors appointment at 9 am. Slept through that. Decided I would go for a run in the evening instead. Started to feel unwell early afternoon took to my bed and stayed there til tea time, got up ate and went back to bed.

This morning I woke up feeling fine, hoorah. Decided that the whole family should join me, husband keen, child not so, but conceded. Drove to a park, good suggestion SVR28, and we all set out, dog and all.

Child whined all the time and couldn't keep the brisk walk (let alone run, he does this weird flapping thing with his feet), husband rushed off at the run bits but couldn't keep going for the full 60 seconds and I took everyone's advice from the last blog to go slow and steady and I made it (though the last 60 second run was a bit of a struggle).

The only down bit for me was when the dog bit me (I was walking on the spot to wait for my child who was miles behind and he, the dog, got a little over excited).

My child was so horrified that his mum was able to go for longer than him that he has agreed to join me from now on, as has my husband. So from now on it will be a family event; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Nice. Though I hope the whinging will stop.

Oh and I'm going to get some running shoes for my son to see it that sorts the flat footed run.

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This made I larff! Poor you. Poor dog! Poor child!! Husband - that's what you get for going too fast. I think it's lovely the whole family will be doing this with you.


thank you, I do endeviour to make people laugh. Next run went better.


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