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I can do this! 2 sessions down :-)

Have been reading posts and feel very inspired. I went and got fitted for proper running shoes on Monday which was a great start as they found a pronation in my left foot which might explain why normal trainers were horrible for running. A tip from a newbie who was unsure about trading up her shoes - I think they are a must.

I did my first session on the treadmill but braved outside on New Years Day (hoping everyone else would be indoors recovering) for session 2.

I really want to complete C25K as I would love to run in Race for Life in memory of my Dad.

I can do this!

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Yes you can do this.......well done on getting your proper shoes and good luck with your next run


I am sure you can and will do it! Agree with you about the shoes, make a huge difference. Keep us posted about your progress.


I'm sure you'll do it, especially if you're aiming for RFL. Just keep imagining yourself running over that finish'll get there! Good luck.


Yes you can! Take it one run at a time and before you know it the weeks will fly by.


It does work ... just need to ignore the gremlins that you might get in your head saying,, nah, you can't... YOU can!


Yes you CAN do this and you will! Do as Laura tells you and when you have bad days and feel like you can't do it come on here and we'll tell you that you can! :-)


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