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2 not so easy post graduation runs

I'm sat on a picnic table next to loch ken at 6am having just about managed 30 mins. I'm sticking with the philosophy that bad runs are better than no runs. Done 2 30 minute runs but they were hard. At the moment I'm on 14 tablets a day including antibiotics, pain killers, travel sickness tablets and fenafexodine (I'm covered in mosquito bites the circumference of tennis balls- oh they do love my pale Celtic skin:( !). All these pills are making me drowsy and tired but I didn't want to come home without running. Just hope I can manage 5k on 7th July! Sorry I can't reply to many other blogs or read that many. I've only got my phone for tinternet access and signal / wifi isn't always that good. Happy Thursday. x

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I can remember initial post grad runs being very hard, I think I had some sort of expectation that because I had graduated they would become easy overnight.

I'm not sure they've ever became easier for me as I've steadily increased the length of my runs periodically since graduation and therefore running to my max. But the runs do become more doable, because like most things with practice you start to build confidence and belief in yourself the more times you complete the challenge! 5K becomes easier though once you are regularly running 10k plus.

My sympathy with the mosquito's, we're also plagued with midges and mossies at the moment!


well yup - every run does do you good - and the bad ones just re-affirm that you have the grit and determination to get out there and not be defeated. even if you do have a lot of tablets rattling around too which can't be easy.

all I would say is not to over do it this week - you have graduated now & proved you can do it - so to prep for 7th July & take it easy on yourself.

oh and t'internet is from Yorkshire which is why you're probably struggling up in Scotland.

Happy running


There's no such thing as a bad run, no matter how it feels. You can learn from the ones that feel bad and you've proved you can keep going when it's tough. I do feel for you with all those tablets rattling around, and the nasty bites - I've had a couple recently that swelled at an alarming rate and made me feel quite ill.

I struggled with my first few post-grad runs - I felt a bit lost, to be honest. I solved the problem by joining a running club (after a few weeks of internet-stalking them and plucking up courage!) and I can honestly say it was life-changing.

Good luck on the 7th !


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