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Week 4 done, bring on Week 5

Completed week 4 the other day, actually found by the third day I could do 5 minutes fairly easily and the interval walk wasn't needed. I'm actually starting to recover my breath faster. Starting week 5 today.... the jump to 8 minutes looks fairly scary but I'm sure now that it's just a mental thing, but am trying not to think about the week 5 run 3 20 minutes run...

Have also found I run much better in the evening than the morning - I can go further and seem to have more energy. Good running everyone!

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Well done for doing 5 minutes fairly easily. You'll be fine in week 5. The programme works by changing the balance between walking and running, and you'll be ready for the 20 minutes when it comes.


Thanks for that runningnearbeirut, I hope so!


Yeah, you'll be ready for the 20 min special. You should check out some of the other blogs about week 5 to give yourself a boost. Its very do-able. Go for it!


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