Buffing up

I know there are a few fans of buffs on this site and after reading how much they love them, and seeing as I am supposed to avoid breathing in cold air at the moment, I thought I'd buy one. It was cheap on eBay, only £12.75 (inc postage).

Here it is:


So what do you think, buff connoisseurs? I think it will go quite nicely with my pink or blue running tops.

I've been running in the gym to avoid the cold (due to an asthma flare-up) but it's not always practical as the gym's in town and it takes about 45 mins to get there. So last night I thought I'd take my chances outdoors and I wore this skiers' fleecy snood thing pulled right up over my nose.

Apart from looking like a mugger (in my dreams) - in reality I looked a twat - it was hard work. I had to run with my head back and chin out for 30 mins to keep the damn thing in place. :-D

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15 Replies

  • Nice! I just have Aldi's cheap ones but I'm sure the original Buff is a far better quality

  • You would be surprised - you can get some decent quality kit in Aldi and Lidl.

  • Very sassy indeed..I feel sure you are going to look pretty spectacular in your outfit! :)

    I have three Buffs.. all from Amazon.. I got mine at around the £12 mark too! I even have a best Buff for non running outings.. better than a scarf!

    They are great. I suffer from sinus issues in cold weather, and wear mine mostly all the time currently. Pulled up and tucked under my thermal hat at the back.. lovely warm air for breathing in, but not too tight! So glad of it going out on my first post IC run last week.. after chesty coughs etc... just great!

    You do have to be careful, this weather currently is dire. I had to postpone a run yesterday morning because of fog and this morning, at 6.30 and currently, thicker fog and this morning.... it is freezing fog! I think it is going to be a cross trainer day..! I can always leave the door to my studio open to get fresh air!

    Hope your Asthma settles too, take carex

  • I love the idea of a "best buff", lol. Sorry to hear about your sinus troubles but it does make you appreciate being able to run, coming back after injury, doesn't it?

    I'm trying to picture how you'd wear your buff under your fleece cap - do you pull the buff up at the back so it's over your head, then you put the hat on?

    My asthma is settling at last, it seems, thanks Floss.

    I'm impressed that you were considering a run at 6.30am!

  • Love my morning runs... I have a thermal hat over the cold days and my buff tucks under at the back.. so snuggly warm and no drips of cold water from the trees !

  • I love my Buff's one is a promotional one from Castlemaine XXXX which I didn't realise was a Buff! Love the versatility of them mainly used as a sweat band around my head though on hot sunny days its great as a bandanna to cover my receding hairline!

  • Lovely colours in that one, I've got a few, including a freebie in a race goodie bag. I've never managed to keep my nose and mouth covered for long either 😂, but Oldfloss 's advice of tucking it under a hat at the back might work. I usually have my hair in a pony tail so that might not work for me, if it's very cold I wear two, one as a scarf to keep the cold off my neck and the other round my head - great for keeping the ears warm 😄

    You can make one into a sort of balaclava, and all sorts of other shapes etc., but I haven't managed to do that yet 😂.


  • Ooo..snuggly warmx

  • I'm a pony-tail runner too but I'm determined to master the balaclava look! :-)

  • I think the echt Buffs tend to stay in the best stretchy condition longest but you can certainly buy others *very* cheaply eg £3. Father Christmas usually puts a buff in my stocking, although not this year, alas. I believe you are not supposed to tumble dry them but they air dry very quickly.

    My favourites are the National Geographic range, and I also have an official Remembrance one as a different way to wear a poppy. I am usually a bit hopeless with accessories but buffs I can manage.

    I'm sure you'll get on with the buff, they don't wriggle down as easily. You can find slightly smaller sizes if you are quite petite.

  • What a great idea to wear a poppy buff :-)

    Thanks for the advice not to tumble dry, as I usually manage to shrink everything! :-(

  • I use mine occasionally around my neck, sometimes as a headband........keeps the earphones in nicely, and sometimes also add a cap over the headband if cold and wet damp weather.

    I picked mine up in millets sale , it's a nice pink with tiny flowers, but have bought from amazon for my son very cheaply. If you get too warm take it off and wrap around your wrist. You can wear them beany style too, tuck in the top at the back.

    Sooooo versatile🤗

  • Wow, I am looking forward to wearing my buff in all these different ways. Thanks for the tips. Your pink, flowered one sounds lovely and girly, Jacs x

  • Snazzy colours! I'm sure they take a bit of getting used to and hope it works out well!

  • I was really hoping to get one for Christmas emblazoned with 'Canine Enforcement Officer' - but instead got one that looks vaguely like what a Jahadi pacifist would wear - very confusing in other words...

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