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Week 6, Run 3 and a new route

I made it; Week 6, Run 3. It was tough but so so satisfying, plus I'm now a runner!

A good thing as my new route was much more public than anywhere else I've normally run and the confidence of knowing that was coming up helped me face the people constantly passing, out for a walk. It was a glorious morning here today and I ran alongside the best view I think you could choose.Not my picture, but I think it would've been difficult to take a picture without stopping and I had no intention of doing that for at least 25 mins! In my opinion, living in coastal town you wouldn't choose to run where other than alongside the sea, but I had waited to do this until I felt confident enough and felt I'd need the boost of the view to push me on.

It's funny how during just 25 minutes you can have such highs and lows, some parts I was sailing along quite comfortably, then I would realise this and somewhat 'lose it.'

I mapped my run when I got home and the 25 minute running section covered just under 4km, not really sure how that compares, although I'm guessing I won't make 5km in 30 minutes at my current pace.

I'm now looking forward to building on today during week 7 and increasing my stamina.

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