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Week 7 Run 2 yesterday. I found run 1 ok on Saturday, a bit tedious but I did it, so I was expecting much of the same yesterday evening. I got to 12.5 mins and had an awful pain above my stomach, not sure if it was a stitch, I've had stitch before but only ever in my side. Anyhow I carried on but at 15 mins I just couldn't do it, I was in so much pain I stopped. Failure :-(

I don't know what went wrong. I was well hydrated. There are some steep hills on my run, but they've always been there so I can't really blame them! I am doing the 5:2 diet and yesterday was a fast day so I'd not eaten a bite since Sunday night, I had a banana about an hour before I set out so maybe I shouldn't have had that, or maybe I shouldn't have run on a fast day at all.

Whatever. I feel so disappointed in myself. I passed so many people out running last night, all powering along and some even in pairs having a conversation! (I'm barely able to see straight let alone converse!!)

So, do I put it behind me and carry on or do I go back a week? Do I run this evening or still take the rest day?

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I'm a great believer that your body needs to be fed, slowly and healthily throughout the day (however I am not always good at both / either).

I wonder if your blood was low on nutrients; salts/magnesium/potassium and that is what caused your issue. It could be all manner of things, most of which are nothing to worry about.

But maybe if you want to diet try to do the running on the days when you've been well fed ;)


Hey stop right there, firstly you did not fail. To fail would have been not to go out at all. You ran through pain which would have been really hard to do. I suspect your body was feeling the effects of not having food but there again I'm no expert and don't know the diet you are doing. To be honest I can't imagine ever being able to do exercise without having food inside me. To fast would go against all my instincts for what I know as a healthy diet. I managed to lose 3 stone with exercise, cutting down the calories and fat content. I'm not saying don't carry on with your diet but I would be careful and plan my exercise/run days on days when you've had food. Good luck, I'm sure the next run will be fine.


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