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W9R3, graduating run, completed today :-)

I much prefer running in the park but today we all ran in the woods as that is where my sister prefers running and she is the one that started this, so we all braved the mud and slippery autumn leaves and hidden tree stumps and nobbly roots and completed a ver-r-ry slow 30 minutes. Strava told me that we had actually only run 2 miles which is only just over 3k which was a bit disappointing but we all knew we were running slowly as my ankle has been giving me problems this week and my sister covered 13 miles out hunt sabbing yesterday and was still pretty tired so we were just pleased to complete it all together.

It's been such a busy time through this and my sister and I have both spent days in the cull zones during this program so I am so happy that our whole family has got through the program in nine weeks and in one piece. :-)

We are booked to run in an event on November 1st which is World Vegan Day which is between 3 and 4 miles (they haven't set the course yet!) so between now and then we will be trying to improve our times so that we are covering more ground in the 30 minutes.

Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments and advice from this brilliant forum and to Miranda Veganlatte for deciding to do this program and getting us all running. :-)

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Fantastically news - congrats! Still a couple more weeks for me ... just about to start week 8 as we've had to extend W7 - really great to see you at the finish line :-)


What a wonderful celebration - a 'family' graduation. Amazing achievement for all of you. You must be feeling so, so proud! Huge Congratulations and good luck with your run in November :)


Trail running is the BEST! Specially this weather ☺


I just typed my reply and it disappeared into the ether ! 😕

Trail running through the woods is lovely in autumn especially.

Congratulations on graduating. Well done☺


Well Done VeganNelly! I'm so proud of you guys. What a commitment you've all made. You still give me hope that I can come back from my weeks in my sick bed and get myself that shiny new graduate badge myself!


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