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My conscience won't let me live without unburdening myself.

I have just run further than I have done for many, many years. I'm on W3R3, and I have been sticking to it as far as possible, but today I thought I would 'go for it', and see what happened.

I fast-walked/ran from the car park alongside the river as it tumbled down from Dartmoor. The sun was trying to peep out between the clouds, but the wind had other ideas and kept hiding it again. The road is 2 miles each way, and I probably did 3 x 1 1/2 to 2 minute runs on a constant uphill slope.

I reached the dam at the end of the road and touched the fence surrounding it; then, girding my loins, I ran, and I ran, and I ran; and I didn't stop until I reached the car park 2 miles later. I wasn't out of breath, and managed to say a cheery 'hello' to the bemused walkers, sheep and ponies that ambled at will across my path. I reached the car, stretched and drove home.

I am now sitting here in need of confession...why? Because the run from the dam to the car park is down hill all-the-way. Yes, I may have done two mile non-stop in week 3, but I feel I have cheated.

Can anyone forgive me; or am I a DAM CHEAT?

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You did run uphill as well and that's extra hard so I'm sure it balanced out. :) I'm sure you can be confident in calling W3R3 a success!


Thanks, I don't feel such a fraud now.

I want to get back out now though....


You did all that running with a hole in your shoes, or have you got a new pair now!?! Well done, that sounds to me as if you knocked spots off week 3. Be carefull though too much too soon could cause injury. If your legs are stiff and achy tomorrow do a steady walk which will loosen off the muscles. Roll on week 4 :)


Thanks Oldgirl (who I suspect is a drop-dead-gorgeous young lady). I shall take it easy tomorrow, but I had been threatening my wife that I would run from the dam ever since I saw an article about Hugh Williams-Reece who decided to run home from his in-laws (in Portugal) to his home in London.

No hole and not new trainers, just a nail that was cut too short - my fault!

So far my legs are fine, and I am longing to get out again tonight (but I won't), but I shall take heed of what you say about tomorrow.

Tonight I shall dream about achieving the exulted heights you have reached ~ a GRADUATE!


Great blog! Great run. :)


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