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Week 8 - Run 3 - Amazing!

I didn't feel up to running this morning, my legs were tired, I had a gouty twinge, everything was not quite right and the clever watch thing was out of juice!

How very dare my inconsiderate wife flatten the battery of HER watch whilst doing charity runs just to annoy me? :) :)

Anyhow, after I had charged it back up, prepared dinner, fed the cat and the chickens, I decided to head back to the woods. :)

My legs were still a bit achy breaky from the mountaineering on Friday so I opted for a straight out and back route of a mostly flat persuasion.

I was very lucky with the weather, it lashed down, directly before and directly after my run but during it, it held off, and i had some puddles to splash around in. :)

Strangely I found the flatness of no great help because I set my pace a bit too high. I still had the nightmare section of the run, only this time I was clawing my way through a perfectly flat section.

I was tripping over my lungs when I got back to the 28 min mark, but I was well pleased with the results. I might well make the 5k thing in the sub thirty-five-ish kinda time yet!

It wasn't that long ago that I was wondering, can I really run a whole entire minute?

Week 9 - I feel almost sad to have reached you, only 3 runs of the programme left :(


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great running, dont worry about finishing c25k, theres plenty more you can do - 10 k? marathon? happy days ;)


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