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Week 8 Run 3 - failed.


So disappointed and demoralised. Feel like giving up. Had a crap run Wednesday then tried to go with my sister today, thought it might be nice to have company but completely threw my pace off and running without a podast was weird and only made it half way and got a terrible stitch and gave up.

Feel like crap now and have had a little cry. Worse because I’ve now got to do that run again and not sure if I should try tomorrow or need a full day break. Beginning to think running is not for me after all.

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Look you got to wk8 of course running is for you. We all have runs that don't go as expected , have a rest day and go out and try again. You can do this.😊😊😊😊. It took me 17 weeks to do c25k it didnt mean i couldnt do it i just needed more time.

I admire you for trying again, especially after the last run. Be kind to yourself. Have a full day off, and try again. 😊

Hey stick with it, I found that listening to music stops you from listening to yourself so you don't seem as tired to yourself as you are. You've done so well to get this far, you can do it.


You're on week 8 so I would say running is for you. No such thing as a bad run, you still ran, ok so maybe not quite as you expected but you still ran. Give yourself a pat on the back, a rest day, lots of water and get back out there, you can do this, you know you can :)

Don't give up you've come this far 8 WEEKS of running that's amazing have a day off then try again and again if need be you'll do it 👍🙌


You can definitely have a well deserved day off and get back to it x


Hey don’t worry, it’s hard to keep your pace when running with someone else. Have a day’s rest and do it Sunday. Some days are hard, everyone gets them so dont worry and what you did today is not wasted!


I had a terrible run in Wk7 it was such a shock as things had gone well until then. My App stopped a few mins in and my legs were so tired and when I finished I thought I was going to be sick 🤢 but I had an extra rest day, ate lots of good food the day before my next run and went out positive. The following runs have been fine, still hard work but ok. I’m also Wk8 and know that we’ve done the hardest part. You just need to build your confidence back up again. You can do it!!


Thanks everyone, I’ve calmed down a bit now. Will see how my legs feel tomorrow and keep going. Just wish I was enjoying it a bit more like I did a few weeks ago, all feels a bit of a thankless slog atm.


I’m dieting atm too which I think prob makes my success less predictable. Maybe trying to do too much self improvement at once as usual.


Take a break of at least a day. You can do it but it’s not a boot camp! Take it as slow as needed to finish. I finished today and I’ve not really pushed too hard so way off 5k in 30 but I achieved the goal of 30. Pace can wait! You got this - you’re in touching distance so of course you can do it- take the pressure of yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone else - all sorts on here: true couchers with zero activity history right through to fit folk who’ve never run- massive difference and all deserve support and encouragement on here but your journey is yours and no one else’s . You can do it!


You have done really really well to get so far. I run alone as I think it would be too much pressure on me to run quicker if I ran with anyone else. I also run best with a bit of music playing! Don’t give up now, have a rest day or even two and you will be back to enjoying it.

All the best


There's one thing I don't like about C25K, its obsession with time. It's great for personal goals, and no doubt it works. But there does come a point where you should just try and enjoy running. When you've completed C25K, just go out for a RUN. Don't think about time, don't think about pace, don't think about distance...just run. In a park, in the countryside. If you stop, you stop, turn left, turn right..run without a watch.

You don't fail when you walk, you don't fail when you swim, you don't fail when you run.


Hey, you should always have at least a day’s rest between runs: if you haven’t been doing that, there’s part of the problem. You’re asking a lot of changes from your body and it does need time to adjust. Quite a lot of people who have sailed through earlier weeks are startled when they find themselves having to do a repeat or two in week 7 or 8, but it’s perfectly natural. If you watch time lapse film of plants growing, you’ll see that natural growth isn’t a straight line progression. Always remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for ! Every time you go out, no matter how it feels, you’re showing courage and building stamina. So be proud of you ! Relax, and enjoy your journey x


No, no, no! You have absolutely NOT failed! Look how far you have come......it's a blip, try again in a couple of days on your own and with your podcast. I am sure you will nail it. Please don't be too hard on yourself.....i can't imagine getting myself through week 5. You are on week 8, therefore ypu are AWESOME! 😀🏅


You have not failed!!

I know I wouldn't have done Couch to 5K if I had gone running with someone else and it is where I have fallen down in the past. I judged myself by them and tried to run their distance and at their pace.

Couch to 5K has worked because I have run at my pace and followed a program. Never pushing myself too hard, progressing at a good rate.

Besides, failure is not failing one run, failure is completely giving up. Keep believing and you will get there!


Oh how I know how that feels! But as the very experienced folk on here have said don’t give up. And don’t allow negativity to take over your enthusiasm. It is really important to just get back out there, run a bit shorter if you want or a few run/walks. But just don’t give up! You have done amazing so far. Let Sunday inspire you and just grit your teeth....good luck, will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes across the internet!!


Now hush there! We don’t fail runs on here do we - they’re just practice sessions! You had a rotten run one day then did something you don’t normally do, so it was probably never going to go exactly according to plan. But you’ve got to week 8 for heaven’s sake - on week 1 did you think you would do that? You’ve done brilliantly so far - so have the cry, mop the tears and ditch the tissue. Then shake it off and get out there to have another crack - you know it makes sense! All the best!


As others have said, the only FAIL is to not get off the couch - you have got off the couch 24 times!! If it helps read back over my posts I have certainly had a few bad runs - in fact I am on my 8th consolidation and only actually enjoyed my last one. Just do it again, there is no set time to finish but don't quit when you are so close to the BIG G, we are waiting here at the podium for you!


Thanks guys, I’m feeling a bit more on an even keel now, think I’m just a bit tired. Going to take tomorrow off and have another go on Sunday. I’m still not convinced I’ll ever enjoy these longer runs but will crack on till the end and then have a think.


I remember something similar. Around week 8 I had a couple of bad runs and the second one I gave up and walked home. I cried and decided I was never running again because I was so rubbish. I deleted the run from my tracker as well because I was so disappointed with myself then someone asked me how far i had run before I stopped. I plotted it on the map and realised that I had run about a mile and a half, and that I had just dismissed this as being ‘rubbish’...... yet less than two months before I had been unable to run for 60 seconds. Bad runs happen. Sometimes we know why, but sometimes we don’t. All we can do is rest and pick ourselves up and start again. Keep at it, you have come so far, imagine how much further you can go??

You’re doing brilliantly! I’m not sure about running with someone else, and not having my music on will throw me. I’m aiming for a park run but I won’t be very sociable!! 😂

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