Done. W9R3

I've done it. Today I did the last of the 27 runs. Started when the Olympics were on and just kept going. I feel like I can consider myself a runner. I can pace myself so that I can keep going rather that just making it to the end of the time period like I did at the beginning. I've used the podcasts less and run keeper more. I find this is good for knowing how far I've gone, and my music is better. I covered 6km on W9R1, not so far today. To all those who are just beginning follow the podcasts one at a time and you will do it. It's an incredible system for creating runners, I would have never of thought I could run like I can now. No longer on the couch.


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  • How fantastic must you feel, that is an amazing accomplishment! I have just finished Week 7 and I am in awe of all of you who have actually done it. Here's to many more happy km post-graduation!!

  • Thank you very much, it is a great feeling. However, it does feel a bit like a beginning again - beginning of real running, pace, distance, speed maybe even a park run. Keep on with the podcasts, you'll get there soon

  • Well done Kirkleylewis! Today's been a good day for graduating - at least 3 of us as far as I can see (and I think Spud was also planning a grad run today).

    I'm not familiar with Run Keeper - only have an ipod at the moment and I haven't yet been brave enough to go "off-podcast" - for now I'm going to start the Stepping Stones program and see how those go. Maybe I'll try creating a playlist in a few weeks' time.

    Look forward to hearing how you progress post-grad!

  • Well done to you too, 4 less on the couch!

    One of the best things about 5K is that as you're pounding the streets you know there are others out there doing the same thing. I'm not much of a blogger but I love to read how people are doing. Next, I'm going straight into 5K+ as I would hate to let this slip and I will go with the podcasts.

    You can get run keeper for the ipod, I use the free version. It lets you use a playlist from your music and speaks time/pace/speed over the music.

    Don't know about you but 5K+ feels a bit like I'm starting again, only this time I can actually run! Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations - its the most amazing programme isnt it :D

    you must be floating from the feeling of graduating

  • woo hoo, another graduate, Awesome.

  • Yes! Well done - You definetely are a runner - 6K - WOW!

  • Thank you. What I haven't told you is that on W9R3 I got a bit over confident ran up a small incline, ended up just under 4K in 30 mins. I'll have to work on hills!

  • Well done! :)

  • Well done. Huge congratulations. I did it today too and its an amazing feeling. Keep on running!

  • Well done to you too. It really is a great achievement. Looking forward to the 5K+. Watch out Rio 2016!

  • Congratulations, Kirkley!! A wonderful accomplishment and much to be proud of! Now it is time to collect that wonderful "Graduate" badge and...

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Congratulations – 6K is awesome. I too think the program is fantastic I’ve had a setback recently but am back on the plan now and it is reading about all the people on here with a whole range of abilities when they start who go on to graduate that keeps us all going. Well done.

  • Thank you very much, 6K was great, I amazed myself. Glad to hear that you did not give up after your setback. I have a friend who has problems with her feet and she has had to stop and start and go back a few weeks, but she is sticking with it. Just keep going keep your positive attitude and you will get there.

  • Congratulations on graduating! It's an amazing feeling, isn't it? Well done :)

  • Fantastic! Congratulations. So new to me I can feel your amazement, elation and all the other emotions rolled into one! I confess to crying my eyes out on completion of the last run-so emotional!

    Now for Stepping stones-speed and stamina. This is where I have learned a lot about running. Every time I have done the speed I have heard more info from Laura and put it into practice-so don't disgard the pods entirely just yet.

    Don't forget to contact John in admin for your badge-takes 2 weeks to arrive, so don't panic, as Clive Dunn would say,lol!! Go into Admin, then Directory and find JR21 to leave John the message.

    Well done :-)


  • Absolutely brilliant Kirkley! You must be so thrilled - welcome to the Grad Club!! Sue

  • Thank you. Everyone is so supportive in this community and it helps somewhere you can find someone running at the same stage. I remember the week 7 worry about running 25 mins . Still amazed that I have done it and looking forward to working on my running.

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