How do I get the C25k downloads onto a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 phone?

I used to have them on a little memory stick player thing but it's died on me. Can get them from the website to my computer but can't work out how to get them onto my phone. Have never downloaded music before so don't know where to start. Can anyone explain in simple language!?

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  • okay step by step approach - assuming you already have them on the PC - I'm using the original Galaxy Ace & these instructions work for my phone.

    Step1 - Connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable - the phone will just look like it's just charging but will have a little USB symbol notification in the top left, swipe that down and click it and the little android robot will be green with a button "Connect to PC storage" - click that and click OK - a few seconds later it will be connected to your PC and the phone will appear like a external hard drive for you.

    Step2 - locate the Podcasts & make sure that you have unzipped them first so that they look like MP3 files rather than zipped folder. Then right click on each podcast and then you should see something like send to external drive (or might be your phone name/make) if you click that it will send it straight to your phone. Alternatively you can open up a my computer window and click onto the external drive (phone) and then click to downloads - then you can start dragging your podcasts into the downloads folder on your phone.

    Step3 - unplug the phone from the PC and you should see "Media Scanner Running" message in the notification area - so your phone is now scanning the memory card in the phone. Now open the music player on your phone and the podcasts should be there.

    That is a basic way of dragging and dropping the files to your phone, but it works for me.

    Good luck & Happy Running

  • Thanks that's great! I will print it off and work through it later and let you know. I knew there must be a way but that would have been beyond my guessing! :-)

  • Hi, I had the same phone as MatthewW & now have the Galaxy S4 Mini. This method has worked on both without the need to connect to a PC. First go into Google Play Store on your phone & install the podcast player called Android Pod. Open it up & in the top left corner press the square with the lines which gives loads of categories. Go to health & scroll down until you find NHS C25K icon. Tap this & it will display all the 9 weeks worth of the program. Tap the week you want & it will give you the option to play or download. I used to download a couple of weeks at a time & delete once I'd finished. To access again just go into Android Pod & access the downloaded category via the square with lines icon in top left corner so that you can play them. Hope this helps. Good luck. Claire.

  • Is Android Pod an app? Can't find it in my list ... Sounds good if I can do it that way.

  • Hi Clueless, I actually found it by typing NHS Couch25K in the search bit of the Google Play Store. It wasn't a standard app already on the phone, I had to install it but it is free. I think mine came up with two podcast players & I chose the first one. I must admit I was slightly confused at first when they came instead of anything C25K but then I realised I needed that first to be able to play the podcast! X

  • Brilliant! I had tried searching with Couch to 5k but it didn't pick up anything. Just done it now - got the app within seconds and found the podcasts. Thanks both for your help - I've spent hours on this and you've just solved it in minutes! :-) No excuse now to get back out there apart from the rain and my sore tendons!

  • it's a known fact that running in the rain soothes sore tendons ..... ;-)

  • Thank you for that sagely advice! :-) Well I was at Week 9 and graduated, and running for 35 minutes and feeling wonderful, then had a few weeks off because of sore ankles, hot weather and holidays, and now struggling back at Week 5 again. Managed 7 minutes the other night but then the ipod thing cut out and I was on a hill and it was all too much so finished up walking. Got to get back to that week 9 again soon ...

  • That was very useful, thanks. Have downloaded Run Double will give it a try the next time I get a chance. Loads and loads of Fitness Podcasts, I'm in 7th heaven :)

  • Hi Oldgirl, so glad the podcast app will be useful for you too. I've just been having another look through what's available and thought the PODRUNNER ones looked interesting. Loads based on BPM, intervals, 10k training, 8k training, plus 5k of course. Nice to listen to something a bit different for a change. X

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