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Race for Life

Just back from my first ever organised run and cannot begin to say how proud I am of myself. Finished 5k Chester race for life in 35 mins. I still have one final run to do before I officially graduate but for the first time am actually looking forward to getting out there for my next run. The buzz from running with all those other people and to know I have helped raise money for this worthy cause really helped increase my confidence and enthusiasm. The whole time I have been training I knew I had to stick to it as I had committed to this race (I tried c25k once before and gave up) I think this time, committing to a race and making people donate money meant I HAD to stick to the programme otherwise I would be letting everyone down and not just me. Thanks so much for everyone that has blogged, I' not a regular blogger but reading other people's stories and advice has really encouraged me on my own journey. If. If I can in turn pass on any advise it would be to sign up to a race, leaving yourself enough time that you need to train, and then you have really committed to stick with the programme. Xx

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Well done, you must be so proud. I'm feeling very jealous of you at the moment. I was due to do a Race for Life next weekend and had recently got to running 5k (graduation was nowhere near 5k for me) but last weekend I fell while running and broke my ankle. So no Race for Life for me I'm afraid but huge congratulations to you and all the other people who are doing it. Good luck with the graduation!


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