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Runbritain league

Well. Did you know that you can register on the runbritain website and get yourself an official running handicap and position in the league table? My running handicap (in the range of 0 to 36) is 35.9. Hmm.

Here are my league table positions:

UK Overall246016


W506672 (ie women 50-54 age band)

I rather suspect there are only 6672 women registered in that band, but I don't think there's a way to find that information out.

So there you go. Anyway, even if I'm at the bottom, I'm still above all those people who haven't done any running, and it counts a sporting achievement for me. Might not put it on my cv though.

The figures are worked out from parkrun results, so all you have to do is register, and your results are automatically picked up. Go on, you know you want to...

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My handicap is 22.4, I'm not sure how that will change next Sunday (30th) when I join the 50-54 age band

UK Overall143811




It will be interesting to see what happens when you change age-bands - do report back, won't you?

My, you're a long way further up than me! :) Good for you. :)


Not feeling very fit today though, I've strained a few muscles in my lower back/bottom. I'll be away soaking up the sun in Ibiza for my Birthday, but will check out the Runbritain site when i get back.


Joined and came up with a handicap of 22.6 but not really sure what it all means!


My handicap is 28.8

UK overall 197891

Women 67309

W45 7519

I used my parkrun barcode . Will be interesting to see how/if it changes.


My handicap is 29.7 but I'm still none the wiser as to what that means. Only done one run at Parkrun this year have ended up doing duties or photographer!! Just not all that happy running with crowds, stupid I know :(


Mmm. So you all have handicaps in the twenties - I don't know what that means really, other than the twenties are much higher than the thirties - so well done all of you! :D Progress is what counts, I suppose (or, of course, just enjoyment). :)


Not sure how they get these handicap ratings if they are using this year's times cos I just did my first run yesterday!!!!


Thanks greenlegs for highlighting an excellent website

My handicap is 25.1

I have done about 20 parkruns in the last year so it was great to see the gragh charting where I hit a plateau and then started to improve after 5x50!


That sounds like a lovely graph! Pity mine didn't do that too... I seem to have hit a plateau and then fallen off the edge into the abyss! But I will be back. :D


Hey greenlegs you're not alone in the thirties, I'm here with you, :-) I just registered and my handicap is 33.9. I cant seem to find the rest of the rankings though. probably don't want to know :-)

I've fallen into that same abyss too... can't find any motivation to get out, I am just shattered.



Thanks - glad to have company! I don't think the warm weather helps - nice to get out in the warm, but I just don't seem to be able to move fast! Or even rather slowly - though I am getting out walking, which is at least better than not getting out at all. :)


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