Couch to 5K

Worth the wait

I was sat in my house at 9:30pm in my running gear, waiting for my husband to come home from his football session so I could go out for a run. The kids were long since bedded and I was dying to get out for week 5 run 3 - the dreaded 20 mins continuous run. I heard the car pull up outside so I grabbed the Garmin (was interested in my pace this time) and left.

It was a lovely night although the wind had picked up a little. I decided to run out on a country road and back in on the cycle path. 5 minute warm up walk done, "3-2-1, go" said Laura and off I went. 20 mins of non-stop running! I did it! And it was easier than I expected. Indeed, I could have gone further. I had refrained from looking at the Garmin apart from to check my pace twice - both times it was at 10:10mins per mile, so I was surprised, and delighted, to see that my 2nd mile had been 9:54mins. Glad to see my pace has only dropped a little from my pre-pregnancy half marathon pace.

What a buzz! Wk 5 run 3 - 2.89 miles :-)

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Hi backwardpossom,

I read your nice blog. I was always apprehensive to move on after week 4 but I'm glad I did. Well done to you!

Regards, Poweron.


Thanks Poweron :-)


Well done! It is a great feeling when that one is done. Keep running. Good luck.


Thank you, it sure is!


Well done. It's great when you feel you could go further. Good luck with the rest of the program


Thank you!


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