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Keeping it Simple!

Having being a bit hit and miss with my running lately, I started thinking that it really is about time to refocus myself and find a purpose to put behind my running.... I'm already way off plan for the Great Yorkshire Run in September, so I'm even more determined to make it for the Leeds 10k Dash in November.

I have also noticed that I am forever making it far too complicated, trying to track too many statistics & trying to improve on every single one of them. Analysing each run and then getting hung up about it, feeling flat and putting off the next run...... in short I've tripped myself up because I'm not improving.

When I think back to Laura and the C25k plan, that is such a straightforward approach "do this many minutes running" then stop - then repeat it 3 times a week. Start to finish it's only 9 weeks, it's only 27 runs - but every single week was an improvement.

So what I actually need is a much more holistic approach. A simple view of my running or at least a simple plan - I need to get back to basics & I have just one target this time around

I'm no longer going to run in minutes - I'm going to run in kilometers.

With a nod towards C25k I'm sticking with a 9 week plan & it's fairly simple too.

Tuesday = 7.5k (hill work) no increase in distance. (only did 6.75k last night because the new route wasn't as long as I thought it was!)

Thursday = 7.5k and then 0.5k increases each week.

Sunday = 10k and then 1k increases each week.

The idea being that at the end of W6 I'm doing 10k on Thursday plus 15k on Sunday. Then maintain that for W7&W8 I should be in fine form for the Leeds 10k at the end of W9.

Then a couple more 9week training plans during the winter and I will soon be snapping on the heels on all of you HM runners on here......

Happy Running, just as it should be.

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Sounds good; hope it goes well. When is the Leeds 10K?


fingers crossed I'll make it this time - Leeds is on Nov 17th - although have still not registered yet, that's next on the list.

Good Luck with Sheffield - you'll be counting the days now won't you?


Thanks; yes, it's approaching alarmingly fast! 11 days now.


Perfect plan Matthew...I love that you are aiming for distance not speed.....not long before you're doing the European marathon tour starting in Paris ( well that's my secret little plan anyway!!)

Running should always be happy....


Thank you, I used to focus on speed, timing, calories, distance, avg pace, consistent lap times..... No wonder I was getting hung up. So yes, just focusing on one thing should help me to get there in the end.....

European tour, now that does sound like something to aim for.


Hi Matthew! I like your simple approach. I've been a bit in limbo since graduating, not sure what to do now. Thank you for pointing the way. I've not planned my own programme before but I think the idea of fixing on one thing to change at a time is a good plan.

Good luck on the Leeds 10K! May come down and watch - and cheer you on of course!


Sounds like a good plan. The hill running sessions will really help develop your stamina and your overall fitness. I need to get back to hill sessions myself; I've not done any since starting my cycle commuting for my summer seasonal post.


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