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Audio fuel - any advice????

I have been running three times a week - since graduating and really enjoying running with no pressure. I am now looking to up the pace a bit - and was ferreting around for something to grab my interest. Came across audio fuel - anyone used any of the programmes and any views . Particularly where to start - I still consider myself a new runner - and feel slightly embarrassed by even asking - really audio fuel - where am I coming from??

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What is audio fuel??


I use both Pyramid 180 and 200 for speed. Since graduating they have helped me to increase my speed. I include them as part of my training for 10k runs . Hope this helps :)


I bought the Audiofuel PowerUp 2012 bundle (20 mins and 32 mins sessions). I've not tried the 32 minutes one yet as I'm still working with the shorter version.


I use this once a week and I find the 20 minute session which has seven sprints and maxes out with 75 seconds at 180 BPM, is just right for me. I didn't manage to complete all of the sprints for the first few weeks of trying and, so it gave me something to work towards. Even now, it's not easy - that's why I've not tried the 32 mins one yet.

I find the music and coaching really makes me push myself.


This looks great Swanscot....been busy with Speed from Laura but would like to up it a bit. I'm going to buy the bundle session too. Thanks for the advice :)


I have bought the first two hours ( with a pic of the woman on the front)...and the coach ( who I call Silky Steve) is fab, he hasn't got Lauras warmth but keeps you on pace and focussed. I highly recommend!!


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