Starting week 2, any breathing advice?

As I start week 2 could anyone give me any tips on getting into a running rhythm please? I know it's only week 2 but I was really struggling with my breathing last week. Although they were only 60 second runs I was very glad to hear Laura telling me it was time to slow it down! I am 'running' really slowly and taking it easy, I am an ex-smoker and am hoping that my lung performance will improve as I progress. Any advice for a complete novice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I tend to do two small breaths in and exhale one to the rhythm of my running. I did find it easier to do this since I graduated and no longer running to music so I can hear my breathing and adjust as I need to πŸ˜ƒ Sure many others will have other tips and techniques that work for them too X good luck and well done

  • breathing will come easier later, but I found it really useful to breath in time to my running. I breath out for three and in for two and then on hills, or when I'm tired it's out for 2 and in for 2. I practised with walking first and then applied it to running. I also find it easier to actively blow out so that breathing in just happens naturally. I sound like a steam train but it works.

  • I'll just pass on what other people told me. "Try not to think about it." It sounds trite but it works for me. I had trouble with my breathing and I can't seem to get on with any set rhythm. As soon as I start focusing on breathing it just gets worse.

  • If you are struggling with comfortable breathing are sure you are not trying to go too fast? Initially I thought I was going slowly, but actually my running pace was quite brisk. I found it easier to learn to slow down and pace myself when I started running for longer periods.

  • Breathing does get easier and becomes more natural for running, it doesn't hurt to pant a bit, don't hold it back to look cool. it should get better on it's own accord as you go on.

    I do what rmnsuk does actively blow out, but not every breath.

  • I'm with Kerry. Breathing problems are almost alays a sign you are going too fast.

  • Thanks everyone for all the advice. Well it was tough, but I made it! Managed to huff and puff my way round. I think if I went any slower I would be going backwards! I tried not to think about it I found myself counting my steps instead which did seem to help and I did the actively blowing out, especially in the walking sections. I don't kid myself that I look anything like cool πŸ˜€ I only go out after dark so no one see's me! Haha

    Thanks again, I find this forum really great.

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