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W6 r3 wet t shirt run

Oh it was so so hot, no sun but no breeze either so a real struggle, i stopped mid run for a toilet stop and after splashing water on my face and neck decided to whip off my t shirt to stick it under the tap, mmmmm bliss thankfully my top and bra were black so I don't think anyone noticed, not that I cared,

so I had a stop but I think I could have kept going so will probably move on with my next run, hopefully it won be as hot.

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I hate running when it's hot too - so clammy and dry mouthed - so the rest of this week isn't looking too promising :(

Although the wet t shirt thing is usually done minus the bra - just thought I would let you know for next time!!

Happy Running


I'm about to do W6:3 tonight - its clammy and hot and horrible here & I'm not looking forward to it. I might actually consider running in a wet tshirt now though! Either that or accidentally fall in the lake on my way round....thanks for the idea!

Onwards to week 7 on Friday I say Ally :)


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