Couch to 5K

End of Week One

Hello again guys,

Just a quick update as I do the long blogs about everything (but mainly about the new health kick and C25K) at

A couple of people pointed out how it's not really weight loss but altogether how you look (if that makes sense) on my last post and I have to agree- it was a little short-sighted of me to name my charity page and blog based on weight alone, so I've changed the titles to 'The Measure for Measure Life' because it makes more sense (and I'm a bit of a Shakespeare geek). However, I can't seem to change the url- and I don't want to go around clicking things and breaking The Internet ;)

So- my last run of week one is today and, based on the previous two, I'm guessing it's still going to be hard as hell. I can get through the runs but I want to die by the end- I genuinely thought I was going to be sick after the second run, but I think I just needed a cold shower, since that made me feel so much better! I'm not looking forward to week two but I just keep telling myself that 'it's only 30 seconds longer, each time'.

If you get a chance and have a few spare pennies, please do donate at as it's an incredibly worthwhile cause- and I do think physical health and mental health are very closely tied!

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I was really pleased to have finished week 1 and I've got to face week 2 as well now. Like you I'm thinking it's only 30 sec more each time! How hard can it be??? Haha! Watch this space. Good luck with week 2. We can do this!


How right you are about physical and mental health being connected. If I start feeling stressed then some physical activity usually sorts it out. If not, then I start getting all sorts of ailments! We were designed for activity anyway so it's good that we enjoy our running. Enjoy.


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