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Silver lining

Started back on Wednesday after 3 weeks off while my arm recovered from a fall. Very nervous as terrified about falling. I guess confidence will increase with each run.

Just got back from second run this morning, feeling much better and remembering to pick my feet up. Many, many stones to negotiate on my usual route in the hills, but enjoyed being back out there. Managed 5k in just under 31 minutes, so very pleased that fitness level hasn't suffered too much.

Having hurt my arm meant that many people asked me 'how did you do it?', which of course brought up the subject of running. Amazingly, I now know several other people who go running, and it's a great topic for conversations! Every cloud has a silver lining!

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Great to see you back in action, and I am sure that every run will recharge your confidence! Some years ago, I fell (was only walking) on a very slippery muddy hill and broke my shoulder, hurt like hell for ages, and because I didn't have a programme like C25K to follow, my recovery and nervousness about any slope or mud took a very long while to overcome.

A talking point is great, and getting out there again is going to be the very best way of overcoming the trauma. Great 5k time, well done..... well and truly back in style :D

Cheers, Linda


Well done and I agree with the above comment. You confidence will improve as you go along. Enjoy the rest of your runs.


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