Hi Ho Silver Lining

Hi Ho Silver Lining

That's what started playing on my mp3 player on shuffle as I stepped outside to start my run this morning (I'd already done my 5 min warm up walk*) and today I had three silver linings.

1. The rain had stopped during my warm up walk and stayed off until I was 10 minutes walk from home. :-)

2. I saw three roe deer emerge from the woods and dash off over the grass when I was running through the country estate that was part of today's run :-)

3. I ran 5K for the first time!! :-) I went 5.3 km actually in 38 minutes! I did the 5 km in 35 mins, which is slower than my previous 4 km runs, but I felt a lot better for going slower. I felt I could have run a bit more, but didn't wish to push it. However, this new route left a 3 km walk home and after about 10 minutes walking, I ran another kilometre along the road, stopping when I got to the steep hill that I'm not going to attempt yet.

Today was a lovely relaxed run and I felt good during it and not just when I'd finished. I was conscious of trying to maintain a 'conversational pace' and although I was running alone, I think I would have been ok to talk to someone. My breathing is still too shallow and fast, but I wasn't panting or breathless at all and I kept on practising my belly breathing every so often.

*If it's cold enough to need a sweatshirt for my warm-up walk, I set off from the house in the opposite direction to my usual running route, walk for 3 mins, turn back and drop my sweatshirt in the garden - or if it's raining like today take it back to the house - then head out going the other direction.

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  • Dear Swanscot - Hi ho Sliver Lining indeed "I see my sun is shining, but I won't make a fuss, though it's obvious" the great Jeff Beck. Lovely blog.

  • You've just reminded me. I meant to include a link to the song for the young folks who may not have a clue what I'm talking about:

  • Gosh, I never knew that was Jeff Beck, though I remember the song well. :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely run today swanscot. Well done for doing 5K and enjoying it! You're well on your way to graduation. :)

  • Goodness, that takes me back! :-) I'd forgotten all about this one.

    Well done for 5km!

  • I think I've mentioned already, the 101 Running Songs CD has a number of old cheesy rock songs! ;-)

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