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4 week break and really struggling!

My last run until last Saturday was 11th May, I had a bad cold that week so didn't do the usual every other day runs. I then went on a 2 week holiday to Egypt, I did have the grand idea of still being able to run there but with daytime temps at @41oC and only dropping to @36oC at night there was no chance of that. Since getting home on the 1st June I seemed to find every excuse not to get back out and start again. So finally last Saturday I forced myself into going for the next run, I didn't want to go back and repeat weeks so I dived straight in to W8r1. I really struggled, especially @ 20min in. I had to walk for about 30seconds before carrying on at a slower pace. Once back at home I checked my diary and I'm now pretty sure that I should have done W7r1 not W8!

I've just tried W7r1 on my treadmill at home as the weather is shocking today and only managed @ 10mins before I gave up (all my other runs were outside). I don't know if it was the fact it was on the treadmill and I don't really like running on that or just that I've lost so much fitness in 4 weeks. Before the break I used to really look forward to the runs and hated the days when i had to rest. Now I don't know what to do to get back into the rhythm. Should I maybe go back to week 6 and start from there? Help!

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Oh poor you, beset by illness, then a lovely 'hot' holiday to get you better... Then back to chilly ole UK - more aptly named YUK this year perhaps :(

Don't want to disappoint you, but maybe you could do a little outing every day for a few days - say 15 or 20 minutes only... Just to remind your legs what they were doing before your cold! I think that outside in some summery time (we seem to be getting about 20 minutes a day at the moment! ) you will soon find your legs warming back to the idea of running. Don't test yourself to tiredness, this is just to remind your legs, NOT to train for the Olympics! Walk for little intervals if you need to, but if you have some bright music playing I reckon you'll soon find your mojo again.

When you can trot along for about 20 mins, have a one day rest and pick up on the programme where you left off - W7R1. With luck, your return to the program should only take about 4 days. Your legs will recall what's expected of them, you'll only need to sort out the mind-over-matter issues in your head! ;)

Good luck with your return schedule - you'll soon be back on form. Cheers, Linda :)


Hey Linda, that sounds very sensible and great advice thank you. I'm not going to try the treadmill anymore, I'll wait until we get that 20 min break in the weather :-) I'm really gutted that I'm not looking forward to running anymore and hope that I will soon.

I've just booked myself on the Manchester 5k Colour Run taking place on the 21st July so I have something to look forward to and to train towards.


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