Week 7 - Run 1 - It's great running in the woods

Well that's Week 7 off to a flying start! I went to the woods again, but was having a bit of trouble getting the GPS watch thing to find its Mothership, so I carried on right to the top of the hill to an opening in the trees so it could locate its satellites, this meant a 10 min warm up walk but I didn't see that as a problem. I should have just said 'Sod it' and did the run but it made for an interesting alternate route.

I did of course make the compulsory wrong turn but it didn't involve any mountaineering this time so that was ok! :)

I covered 3.72k in the 25 mins which I am more than happy with especially on a lumpy course :) So If I can keep that sort of pace for the full 30mins I shouldn't be too far off the 5k. Easier said than done though I am sure.

I hope my legs recover quicker this time!


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  • Taking wrong turns makes it more interesting. Seems you are doing great times and distance.

    Not far to go now, enjoy the rest of the week.

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