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Week 2 done - I wish it was sunny! Do you eat before you run?

Once again a wet, drizzly morning in the park in the middle of June! I was promised some sun in London!

Honestly I am not looking forward to week 3, I am not sure how I am suppose to manage a 3 minute run! I was tired from the 1.5 mins this week. Oh well guess I won't know till I try it :P

Also I run in the mornings before I get ready for work. So basically I run before shower and breakfast. Someone suggested eating a banana in my previous blog for some energy. But the way I see it, my body has plenty of it stored (otherwise I wouldn't be fat :P ) and if it needs energy, it better use the fat. I am not sure how well my logic work but I like it lol :D

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I run the same as you, as soon as I get up, and have not trouble at all. I do have a glass of water before I go though (I am usually thirsty in the morning and running is not going to help :-) )


I run first thing too. Nothing to drink or eat beforehand, but I do take a little runner's water bottle with me, as my mouth gets dry from sucking in all that air!


Do what works for you - I tend to have a danone actimel and some tinned grapefruit - do my run and generally don't eat again until lunchtime.

Happy running - hope you get some sun soon


At some stage in the early weeks I recall Laura telling you about getting a 'stitch' ... I believe these can be caused by eating immediately before the run. So, I've always tried to avoid eating beforehand, (although I sometimes have a drink at least 30 mins before running) ... and then upon return I swig back a huge glass of water and have a banana too - I believe bananas contain minerals which are particularly good for muscles and cramp prevention etc ... never really questioned it, as I like bananas anyway, and they are the ultimate instant/packed 'food'. Also, through the entire programme I didn't get particularly sore muscles or experience any cramps - worked for me just fine, whether I did a morning or evening run! :)

Like you, I really do hope we get some sunshine soon, getting really fed up with wet and damp and cold ... blooming English summers ... gggrrrrrr :(

Cheers, Linda ;)


I'm so impressed with you running before work, that's definitely something I'm going to build up- it would leave the evenings lovely and free. I ran before breakfast on Saturday and found that was ok, although I was very keen for my breakfast by the time I got home!

Couldn't agree more about the London weather. I think maybe last week was summer?! Best of luck with week 3. I can't imagine the 3 minute runs either but imagine how good it would feel to complete them! :)


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