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W6R3 done!


I confess!

I was naughty!

I did not take the rest day and did W6R3 today!

The reason being I am running again on Friday morning with a friend and taking part in SuperNova 5K on Saturday midnight.

So I intend to rest tomorrow.

After 12 and half minutes into the run, I knew I could do the remaining 12 and half minutes. And when Laura said - increase speed for the last minute if you can and finish on a high - I did :-)

Looking back, 6 weeks ago - actually 7 weeks ago as I repeated week 5 - I could not run more than 2 minutes! And now I am looking forward to running 25 minutes at a time!!!

I am feeling so grateful :-)

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Brilliant .. well done!!!! Keep it up (but very naughty not taking your rest day!!!) ;-)

ashishkulkarniGraduate in reply to RachelLewes

Thanks Rachel.

I am going to rest between now and my next run on Friday morning :-)


Well done Ash, knew that stumble at week 5 was just a blip. Youre on the home straight now!

ashishkulkarniGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks Ully!

I learnt at week 5 that I needed to slow down further. So it was still a worthwhile experience :-)

Don't feel bad. I did W6R1 last night and plan on doing W6 R2 tonight so I can do R3 on Friday before I am out of town this weekend. Congrats on having such a successful run. It is amazing what your body can do when you give it a chance to learn how to do it!!!!

ashishkulkarniGraduate in reply to Lauraeliza30

Good luck Laura on your runs!

Well, I held to it last night and did two runs itwo days in a row. I really didn't want to go out and get it done. On my way home from work, I even came up with millions of reasons why I shouldn't or couldn't. It was cloudy and cold and starting to rain, and I would freeze and it was only 50 F yesterday evening, so hardly cold at all.

Which is bizarre, for me thinking that, since two years ago I did a race in snow pack and the temp was about 0 F, so I know I am tougher than the cold. Anyway, I FINALLY put those thoughts aside went inside and changed and just went for it. It was another amazing run. The first 10 minutes I had some tight calf muscles, but pushed through and in my second 10 minutes I felt really strong and good! So today, I will enjoy my rest day before taking on Week 6 R. 3 tomorrow.

ashishkulkarniGraduate in reply to Lauraeliza30

Good luck Laura with W6R3!


Thanks! And looking forward to your post about your 5k. Good luck!

ashishkulkarniGraduate in reply to Lauraeliza30

Thanks Laura!


You did it so it is the main thing. I suppose it is a question of scheduling and you can always stop if you feel you may hurt yourself.

ashishkulkarniGraduate in reply to nhs2015

Thanks Admin!

Yes, I needed to do the run yesterday so that I could rest today.

It's interesting how you end up juggling life around running :-)

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