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W7: I managed a 4 minute mile!

I must be improving as Map My Run says I managed an average pace of 4 minutes per mile on my 25 minute run this morning. Apparently I also swam across the lake at just under 18 miles an hour before hurdling over my neighbours' garden walls.

For those of you starting out, this programme is amazing!

Week 8 next week and I'll be training with the Brownlee brothers...

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Hee hee! We apparently only use the path on our return run- run straight through bushes in way out!


We're just hardcore!


if you think that's good - I've been jumping up and running on the roof of a 40ft warehouse then leaping back down too the road in just one stride - and have been doing this for the for the last 8 weeks...

..... oh and I haven't trained with them yet....... but I did get my gait measured and fitted for my Brooks by the lad who pace trains with them for their runs :-)


Thanks for making me laugh I look forward to hearing what you achieve next!


Love this! Thanks for making me smile this morning!:)


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