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Week 5 run 1. Wigorn Road

Completed the first run of week 5 yesterday :) Three x 5 mins was strangely easier than 2 x 3 and 1 x 5 (w4r3).

As I began the warm up walk I was slightly sceptical but still confident about my completing the run without slowing down too much if at all, but I was grinning when Laura stated that the run would be mostly a challenge for the mind. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm yet to exhaust myself to the extent at which I can't go any further, and so upon hearing that this may be an opportunity to push myself even further made me very happy.

The weather was thankfully lovely yesterday evening and so the run wasn't an issue weather-wise (though I'm looking forward to running in the rain).

Can't think of a lot more to say about it unfortunately, other than that no runners smiled back, though some pleasant walkers did. I did actually find what may have been another C25k runner as I was doing the warm up walk, though I'm not certain. She suddenly began running after walking, which seems a peculiar way to run if not being told '3, 2, 1 RUN' by someone that may be called Laura. I realised this of course after the moment, and by the time I'd turned round I'd walked briskly around the bend in the road.

So, if that woman is reading this (you would have been running down Wigorn Road in Bearwood on the 10th July 2013) get in touch!

I won't hold my breath, as the chances aren't too likely. I've put Wigorn Road in the title for this reason alone, in case anyone else is wondering.

Ok that's it. Happy walking/ jogging/ running everybody. I'll be back tomorrow to blog about w5r2 :)


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