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3rd time on the program - when will I ever learn?!

Yes, you read it correctly - this is my 3rd time of going through the program as I fell off the wagon with a spectacular bump over the new year.

It's harder this time around as I know I should be able to do a lot further and faster than I am doing!

Currently on week 6 run 2, so should be back up to speed within the next month or so.

Kids, do not use me as an example - DO NOT FALL OFF THE WAGON! It's hard to get back on and it hurts to get back on!

I'm not feeling sorry for myself though - in fact, quite the opposite! Silly silly boy!

Question is, will I get 3 Graduate badges?! :-)

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well done, good for you, not long now!! The main thing is to enjoy yourself and feel good about your body

:) :)


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