When will I ever learn..patience is a virtue!

When will I ever learn..patience is a virtue!

So, the typical story of last girl picked in PE. I took on the couch to 5k on a whim. The first night of training I went to the back cove area of the city I live in. As I looked around the cove I realized that it is the distance of a 5k. It looked so impossing and impossible. I signed up straight away for a 5k to keep on track of my training and honestly to impress my DH. Between beginning of Sept (Labor Day) and beginning of Oct, I had struggled with a slight knee injury and all the crap that can turn into really good reasons not to run etc. The day of the 5k loomed large.

DH and I set off at the appointed time. I came in damn near last. I dont care. I "w-ogged" most of it so I knew the time would be slow. But I didnt give up. The rush of coming into the Finish line has given me even more desire to return to proper training and reduce the time and pace.

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  • YOU DID IT!!!!! :-) I wog most of the time too! :-)

  • Well done! You should be really proud! Love the term 'w-og!'

  • Brilliant..love that term.. i shall adopt it as my new C25K word !!!

  • Oh and well done by the way

  • Am I being thick? Please explain that term...?

  • W - as in walk..........ogging - as in jogging.

  • Ah, of course! Yes. Me being thick! Lol!

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