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Disheartened and discouraged


A few weeks back I graduated. But towards the end I was so sick of the music on the programme and my regular route that I stopped.

I have a week off then was away for work, then didn't get back into the swing of things when I got back so another week want by.

I managed to get out today but was rubbish; managed 20 mins and that was with a short walk. Feel awful.

I had intended to get out early but it was 10 by the time I put on m trainers and by then it was quite hot. I have Raynaulds so have problems when it is too cold keeping warm, and when it is hot, cooling veins are so small that I can't regulate my body temperature properly. I know this is an excuse but it does seem to affect me...may try getting out tomorrow evening when it is cooler.

I am still fed up with my routes, but have bought some running CDs so have some better music. The grass in the field is so long that in places it is shoulder high....amazing to run with the butterflies.

On the plus side my first 10 mins were a proper slow run, not a jog so at least that is something. And I did actually be out there.

Can anyone give me some advise on how to just get back out there and keep this up. I am not good at running for the same of it. I have no one to run with and am not a good runner anyway so can't see anyone wanting to right now!


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Maybe try some of the Audiofuel runs? I find that if I'm just running on my own I stop and walk far too much. With these, having a pace to run to, being told how fast to go for how long etc. helps. It goes past quicker and I find I can keep going for longer. Last week I did 55 minutes without stopping, albeit very slow but if felt like an achievement.


Try your local parkrun, it's none competitive, relaxed and supportive. No one cares how slow you run and that person in front just kind of encourages you to give that little bit more :-)


Snap!! I graduted about 2weeks ago then went away. On holiday i did acouple of runs but had to walk parts due to the hilly bits. So today i got up early went out at 8.15am, thought it was going to be a doddle, how wrong was i !!!!!! Managed 18mins thats all, feel really disappointed with myself. I just couldnt do it, so i think i will have a days rest and try again maybe in the evening. Dont give up, you have come so far. Maybe for encouragement you could blog more often, we are all here to help

Good Luck x


After graduation I found it really hard to adjust to not having the structure of the C25K. You could try the C25K+ podcasts for a bit of variety. Maybe vary your routes, download your own music or try to find a beginners running group. One thing I found helpful was to do one long run, one with intervals and one where I did not worry about distance or speed but just ran, jogged or walked as I felt like it for a set time. One other thing that I found fun was to go back to the earlier podcasts but try to run flat out for the running bits rather than conserve your energy by jogging. Dont' forget that 20 mins is 20 minutes longer than you could run at the start! Good luck :-)

So why do you want to run? I assumed running is something that most of us at least like to do, or enjoy when it is rather sounds like a stick you are beating yourself with. So why do it?

I will probably never run for more than 20-30 mins 2-3 times a week and will never run the elusive 5k, and i usually run the same route, but this suits me and is a change from the other exercise i do. I like the quiet and being outside.

I think if i was struggling so much to find a reason to do it i might be inclined to call it quits...tried it, didn't like it, move on. Life is far too short! :)

croxGraduate in reply to Itsallanadventure

I wouldn't go as far as saying I enjoy it, but I've been running for 15 months now so there must be something in it ;-)

I do have a massive sense of guilt when I don't run though and I do enjoy seeing the scenery go by...


Thanks folks. Some helpful reason.

I jog because I want to get fit/fitter but get bored easily.

I doubt I could run flat out for very long but like the idea of going back to early podcasts an runnng.

I think I found it really disheartening knowing I could do the 30 mins but was nowhere covering 5k but I have noticed several people out jogging recently, not runnng, which gives me encouragement.

sfb350Graduate in reply to TeaAye

Are there any running clubs near you - you could always enquire about beginners groups if you don't feel confident enough for the "proper" club. I found that joining a running club was a huge help - I felt quite lost after graduating and having people to run with was a huge help. It might also be worth looking for club's facebook pages and asking if anyone knows someone who is at the same stage as you and might want to be a running buddy.

Struggling with your body temperature must make it a lot more challenging - I seem to get too hot sooner than most other people and it must be even harder for you. Running when it is cooler might be a good plan in the summer.

The Speed and Stamina podcasts might make you runs more interesting or you could even try something like Zombie Run I use it sometimes when I;m running on my own - it uses my own music playlist and I find it quite entertaining.

And lots of people take a long while after graduating before they reach the magic sub-30 5k. I graduated last summer but only got below 30 minutes yesterday - I spent a long time not seeing any great improvements but it all seems to have come together in the last few weeks.

Good luck, it's early days yet and you probably just need to figure out what works best for you.


Perhaps set yourself little goals with a long term target? I would say enjoy it.. If you don't that's going to be hard.. I would also recommend Audiofuel it really helps.. Good luck and happy running


Sorry to hear you're struggling a bit. Have you tried the C25K+ podcasts yet? They add that bit of discipline back again! A couple of other things I tried were creating my own playlists at different speeds, and going back to the start of C25K but slow-running the walk sections and faster-running the running bits. Very difficult and knackering but it kept me going. New routes keep my interest as well.

I hope you can work it out. Good luck :)


That's for these ideas. I like the idea of trying t run the slow bits and jog the walk sections.

I was going out to ight but got home from work at 7, then needed to eat as I missed lunch...tomorrow.

Sadly I can find any clubs locally but will look a bit further afield.

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