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Advice for Race for Life on a sunny day please! :)

I'm doing race for life on Sunday and although I know it's all about the taking part etc, I'd really like to do my c25k training justice and run rather than walk. However, with the weather forecast for fab weather I'm a bit anxious about running in heat and direct sunshine. (I normally run in the morning along a nice shady canal path)

Should I wear a hat and/or sunglasses? I don't really like wearing either, but would appreciate wisdom from you seasoned runners.

Also not sure how I'm going to cope running in a crowd as normally it's just me and Laura.

Just after a bit of reassurance/advice.Thanks :D

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Hi I have similar problems with the improving weather, like you I normally run early mornings...... I would stay away from hats, keep too much heat in - plenty of lotion and drink more than usual 1 hour leading up to the run - take a little water with you but dont drink too much whilst running....


I'd go with sunglasses or similar of you can as otherwise I get a head ache from squinting in the sun.

The crowd tends to thin quite quickly. Get yourself near ish the front. And be prepared to skip and dance round people esp as they suddenly decide to stop running and u are right behind them lol

Enjoy :)


Sort of depends how hot the sun is. I don't much like wearing hats but if the sun's really hot (and it was 32C here yesterday) then I wear a Nike cap and sunglasses - and carry one of those running waterbottles too to keep my mouth from drying out.


It's pretty sunny here most of the time and I wear a running cap which keeps my hair out of the way and blocks the sun so I don't need sunglasses.

Mine is this one:

It's an Asics cap with lots of vents in the actual cap part, and the rest a very thin material, so you don't get too hot. I don't think I'd want to wear a 'normal' cap or hat with thicker fabric but this one works well for me.

Also don't forget your sun cream!


I wear a Ronhill running cap and swear by it, if its really hot it will keep the sun off my head and although it doesn't do my street cred much good when it was very hot (one morning last year) I even turned the peak to the back which kept the sun off my neck. Running caps are made of a wicking type material so that your head doesn't get too hot. Other benefits with a cap is if it does rain they stop the rain going into your eyes. Good luck for the run.


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