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Back pain and electric shocks??

Im having lower back pain when running? I managed to run 2.5miles for the first time last night and since this morning back feels heavy,like a pulling down sensastion.

I tried running my usual mile this morning but had to stop and the same this evening.

Also while warming up since last week when i stretch my right leg up i feel like a electric shock fly up and down it.

I have just lost four stone and becoming fitter over time after going from being unable to run up the stairs to a comfortable 1mile in the morning and 2miles on a eveing.


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Could be a physiotherapy or Biomechanical podiatry issue, easily rectified, go see your GP and get referred


Could be sciatica - definitely need a trip to a professional to get it checked out.


Hi def get some professional advice but I had similar problems caused by compression of the lower spine.... running only exaggerates this Im afraid..... sitting in car or office all doesnt help either.... gentle stretches and twists before and after running is enough for me but do get some proper advice... good luck


I know your not running long distances but this programme most of us have followed recommends a rest between runs but you say you are running twice a day! Perhaps a few days rest and a visit to a sports physio to get checked out.


I had a similar problem when I tried this podcast last year - I took up yoga and it has worked wonders. Some simple daily stretches and the pain eased and I could run again. Do see a Dr though as you sound like you're on a lot of discomfort.


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