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On Week 6 and sudden back pain

So I am feeling very sorry for myself today - I completed Run 1 of Week 6 last night and no issues but I have woken up this morning with major back pain - I have never suffered with my back before.

The pain is along the back in line with my waist and is very painful worse when sitting - could this be caused by the running? and should I stop until it goes or can I carry on? thanks everyone

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sounds like it would be best to see a doctor sooner rather than later!

Hope you get better soon...


I'd echo frannyfran - it would be best to see a doctor. There is no way of telling if it's the running or not - you could have pulled something in your sleep. It would not be advisable to run with a bad back in case you make it worse. I honestly think it is best checked out by a doctor though just to be on the safe side.

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Back pain is not at all uncommon for runners and is often caused by imbalances as one set of muscles tones up because of the running. Stretching after your runs and core strengthening exercises can mitigate this to a degree but it is definitely advisable to get professional advice from either a doctor or physio.

Good luck, hope it clears soon.


Definitely see a doc or physio. My experience of back pain is that if it doesn't clear up on its own after 2 or 3 days, advice is needed. Good luck.


thanks everyone I haven't run since Tuesday (feeling very guilty) pain is better still there but not as sharp - I have spoken to GP he thinks its muscular so going to attempt a run tomorrow wish me luck


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