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Week 7 done but feeling really blue today

Not sure what it was - maybe that i just didnt want to go out this morning, maybe that my energy tank has been at zero the last couple of days or because I used different trainers this morning but it was a hard slog and I was very happy to get to 25 minutes. Couldnt pick up the pace at all and feel very deflated today. Ive managed to go beyond 25 minutes a few times getting as far as 45 minutes but today was just not one of those days. Am putting it down to being really tired out and having no energy but taking the positives I did 25 minutes. Onwards and upwards :(

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Oh dear. Week 7 - what an achievement to get so far! Look at the positives and be kind to yourself. You are just going through a busy and difficult patch. Maybe an extra rest day - or two? This is a big task you've added into your life and you will get tired.

I have been reading about the Low GL eating plan and there is a section about exercise. One of the tips is to have a sniff of some mint essential oils before doing exercise. Tests have shown that athletes perform better for longer after having inhaled mint.

Now let me tell you this. At the beginning I found that I could do the sessions better after having cleaned my teeth. (!) I just thought it was because my airways felt more clear but maybe there is something in that. I don't know! Just a thought.

Have a day off, try again and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. But above all - be kind to yourself!


oh well done for getting so far! There is a horrible viral thing going round at the moment - complete lack of ooomph amongst other things - just be kind to yourself in case you're fighting it off. :)

really interested in the mint thing you've mentioned Beek, I'm going to try that.


You know what - I am right with you there in terms of the lack of happy running feeling this week - I was supposed to do W8R1 yesterday, but I didn't want to do it (have put it off until tonight)

I think we're suffering from a few factors

1. W7 is a tougher than expected it's certainly taken it out of me quite a bit.

2. Small changes such as new shoes for you or for me a new route, means things can go a bit all over the place so we need to adjust to if for a couple of sessions.

3. the heat - so easy to get uncomfortable & dehydrated - so far it's been fairly cool weather during our previous weeks - but this last 10 days has probably been the warmest for novices.

So today is going to plenty of water - plenty of mints (thanks Beek) - a few bananas and generally recover and recoup so that we can graduate next week.

good luck - chin up & we are all in this together okay?

Happy running


Thank you. Just generally think I keep dipping in and out of just having zero energy. I work sometimes up to 12 hours a day and can do a fair bit of travel, aswell as studying, then looking after 2 dogs and then housework etc. These last couple of days Ive been falling asleep at 7pm on the couch! You're right and maybe 7 weeks in we have just hit a tough bit. I can only really run in the mornings before work which means normally a 5am wake up on a non work day which im getting used to but its still hard as im not an early bird. Onwards and upwards. We are all in this together. No one said it would be easy did they? - if it was then everyone would be doing this! We are doing great though arent we! Keep trucking:)

Thanks for the advice. Appreciated.


also don't forget that this is the worst time of year for disturbed sleep too as we approach the summer equinox on 21st June - I noticed last night at 10:20 is was still not exactly dark out there, then light again at 4:50 this morning.

It all kind of messes with out body clocks and combined with warm weather & the new found exercise

I'm also watching the calories, especially cutting back on complex carbs so I'm probably not getting the fuel inside that I need - so if you have also cut back too maybe now is the time to re-assess your energy too. (25 mins is almost 400 cals for me) - so almost an additional meal every other day!?!


Yes Keep going Joanne,I see there's a few of us running out energy this week. The warm weather may have something to do with it. Keep on trucking we'll get there.


Sorry you're feeling blue :( Take and extra rest day and the next run will be better - thats the way it usually works. I'm dying to get out there again although i've yet to run in this heat so strawberry face alert for the weekenders out for a nice stroll! Chin up :)


Think it was just lack of energy. Already taken an extra rest day as I was last out on Monday! Its been so hot during the day that running must be difficult. I go out really early and its not too bad weather wise then. Warming up but not stifling. Just hoping to get some decent sleep for a couple of nights and carry on. Glad you are still dying to get out there. Shows determination! Onwards to Week 8. Wow feels like a lifetime ago struggling to do 60 seconds!!


Hope you are more rested today and your run went better. Like you I'm an early morning runner and early mornings are sometimes difficult but we are all here, in this programme and beyond, together. You can go onward and upward.


Well done for getting W7 done! Sounds like you need a bit of rest and recovery - it IS demanding both physically and psychologically - getting your head round the gremlins tat tell you to stop, and so on. But you've done fantastically well to get so far and you're nearly finished!

I really struggled with w7-8 but with encouragement and ideas from this community I managed to get through and graduate.

Maybe change your route or time for running? Or treat yourself to some new kit?

Fascinated by this mint thing - part of my routine before running is always to clean my teeth (I'm an early morning runner so this isn't too obsessive!) and maybe that's why!

Good luck with W8, then 9, and you're done!


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