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Just done my 2nd run hope it was easier than the first one but don't remember but tonight when I got back I didn't cough as much but hey can't imagine running for 30 minutes in less than 9 weeks need to loose weight I am so unfit although I do bike ride I'm not confident at that either hope fully it will get easier on both accounts can't believe running 8 minutes in 30 will eventually get me to running 30 but looking at your comments it will ww

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Yes it will. 9 weeks ago, I didn't believe it myself, but am now up to 29 minutes and ready to go for the 30! Keep it up!


It definitely will get you there, so keep it up!

Don't be surprised if you don't loose as much weight in the early stages, keep going and it will happen. What you should do is take some measurments of waist and thighs - I found it really motivating to see my body shape changing even while the weight did not seem to be shifting. It's a couple of weeks since I graduated and I have managed to keep up the running, but so far I have "lost" close to 6 inches from around my middle. (Still a good few to go before I'm in shape, but it's a great start!)


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