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Earphone recommendations anyone?

Hi All. I am not sure if this is a common problem, but my earphones (the standard white ones which come with the iPod) just keep falling out when I am running which is starting to get very annoying.

Does anyone have any that are better and actually stay in your ears while running - AND are still comfortable?

Maybe my ears are just a weird shape or something(?)


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I know, it's so ruddy annoying. Mine blow out when it's windy.

I think folks talk on here about "Yur buds" or something similar

Try Gurgling that and see what you come up with

I'm getting a headband for this winter as my head is always too hot if I wear a full hat, but I thought it might help with the earphone problem too


I don't listen to music whilst out running although I did once when I was checking out the c25k+ speed podcast and I had similar problems. I was thinking at the time whether there were any Bluetooth type headphones, as opposed to earphones, that would be discreet enough to use. I didn't really look into it any further because, as I say, I don't listen to music etc.


I use these amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B004YI...

They were under £8 delivered and are fab! Someone on here recommended them :)


I use these too and agree with Mummyrunner. They're great - sound fine for exercise purposes, good price, stay in place, adjustable.


I've got something similar to MummyRunner, though mine are Panasonic. For the most part they're great but I do have little ears and sometimes struggle to get it fitting nicely round my right ear. However, the bit that goes behind the ear is flexible enough that I can bend it in a bit to make it a snugger fit. Or I just take it out completely if it's really winding me up, and tuck it inside my bra and listen with one ear!

Hope this helps. :)

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Just last week I bought a pair of these amazon.co.uk/Sony-MDR-J10L-...

Started C25K yesterday, and found them to be pretty good, were comfortable to wear, stayed put and only 7 quid.

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I can never get the headphone bits that sit inside the ear to stay in (my ear canals must be the only petite part of my body!) so always use the type that hook over your ear and just rest against the ear canal. They are much more comfy and never fall off.


I guess it's a personal decision - I hated the ones which loop over your ear so I treated myself to some yurbuds and I love them. They come in different sizes and I bought them in a sports shop where they 'fitted' me with the right size so they fit perfectly. Have never fallen out and don't make my ears sore. Not cheap though.


Thank you all for the info!

I will do a bit more research and invest in a new pair. It looks like any of the ones above will be about 1000 times better than what I currently use!

I am a bit weird in that I cant seem to run without music playing as the music distracts me from the process of running itself, which is not my favourite experience at the moment (until afterwards when I cant wait to go out again).

Thanks again!


My husband bought me some Sony sports ones and they stay in fine. I have yet to find a rigid type of headphone that I can actually get into my ear at all without them pinching! Anyway these are currently half price in Argos:


£9.99 Half price

Hope it helps!


Yurbuds !


On Amazon, those Yurbuds range from £22 - over £49. Whats that all about?!

Are they really worth the extra cost above the £7-£10 'behind the ear' versions? The Yurbuds do look comfier to be fair.


I got a really cheap set, £5.99 with an arm band.. they seem to be fine I just googled armband for my phone.


I find the neckband band type really good, they hook over you ear and the head band goes around the back of your head, occasionally Aldi have them for about £4, they don't last forever but are very reasonable. I current have a Philips set which cost a bit more and are lasting ok (fingers crossed)


Having just spent a fortune on a Garmin watch (for me) and a new pair of Brooks running shoes for my wife, I couldn't quite bring myself to pay top dollar for the Yurplugs ones right now, so have just ordered the 'earloop' JVC ones that MummyRunner and Pugwash suggested as they are pretty cheap and will hopefully do the job.

If they fall to bits or I find them uncomfortable then I may look at an alternative pair after that.

I have also had to order myself another iPod shuffle as my wife has nicked that too so she can start her c25k journey!

Its her W1R2 today. So far so good.

Thanks all for the advice! It is appreciated....


I use wireless, Bluetooth headphones that wrap around the back of my head. I got them on Amazon for less than $30USD.


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