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First post-grad run

After graduating on Saturday (1st June) I set myself the target of running my usual route but in reverse direction. I knew it would be a challenge as I had no points of reference as to where I should be at the different times announced by Laura.

However what I didn't reckon with was that I would take a wrong turn thus adding a little bit extra distance , oops. And then of course the inclines were all reversed as well which meant that there was quite a bit of uphill, albeit on a gentle slope, for the first 15 minutes. But the steepest uphill came just before the end so I was really puffed by the time I got back home.

In fact today was the first time in a long while that the podcast ended just before i reached my front door. Usually I get home before the podcast ends, Never mind. I made it all the way round even though I was tempted to take a short cut back home!!

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Congratulations on your graduation and enjoy exploring and mixing it up.


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