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Week8 R1 Doing OK - but just don't think too much!

Ran the 28 mins and got about 3.8km. Pace is improving on last week, but for that reason I was a bit out of breath in places. You know what it's like, you're plodding along fine not thinking, then you think "oooo what about my breathing?" and then it goes all wonky. Need to find the 'zone' and stay there I think! But the speed felt comfortable, so I kept with it. Anyway, 4k in 30 mins is in sight, so going well for 5k in 40 ish I suppose?

The tight legs came after 5 mins and went in say the 15-20 min sector. They're not so bad as to slow me down though. It was really nice to have 'clock-work' legs that seemed to be running of their own for a while today, although like the breathing, if you concentrate on it too much the moment is gone.

The only other thing to work on is doing some strength training in between. I am very lucky to have avoided serious injury so far (touch wood) but I know that staying strong and working on flexibility is important to avoid it. And also it would improve my tight calves and ankles and help my moany knees. I'm having trouble finding the motivation on rest days to do it. the 30 mins for strength and flex just seems overkill.

All in all, going well. I don't think I've given myself my credit for exercising at least 3 times a week for the past 3 months or so (I started that before I started C25k) except in the weeks I was poorly. Consistency is not my strong point, so the motivational achievement is equal to the physical one for me. I think the love for the running is coming back after a brief spat last week. Looking forward to reaching graduation and wearing my green badge with pride!

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Well done! You're right about not thinking too much. I always have a much better run when my head is in the game rather than over thinking the whole run. I'm debating whether to use my own music for my run tomorrow (week8 run 2) to distract me. Good luck for the rest of this week's runs!


I ran Week 8 day 1 yesterday to my own music and it went quite well, it's a bit off putting having to check my phone for the timing side of things. Missed Laura letting me know how it was going!


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