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week 6 r1 (the end of procrastination!)

whit whoo managed to do the run, against the odds of a week off, far too much alcohol, rubbish diet and mardy procrastination!

I hummed and haaa'd then headed out, it was boiling, I was boiling, the 8 mins felt like forever, nearly gave up, pep talk with myself through the 3 min walk, and away I went , managed two and a bit laps of the running track on my five min final run, and even bit of a sprint to finish

oh how im gloating (pride before fall and all that, but im sooo chuffed!)

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Well done you today, it was warm wasn't it? It is good to gloat - you deserve it!


Well done - I did this run this first thing this morning, and was fine until the final 5 mins, which was sooooo hard. Had a cramp in my right calf and a stitch in my right side, so was probably running rather lop-sided! So proud to have completed it, starting to feel like that 5k is within my sights now.


thanks Beek x

and mandmand, I also got a stitch, my first one so far, but like you I also feel like the 5k is achievable, though maybe not in the nine weeks lol xx


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