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My first 10k done and dusted :o)

I finally decided to give it a go and try a full 10k on Saturday after many weeks of convincing myself i couldn't last the full distance. I decided to do somewhere a bit different with some nice scenery to mix things up a bit and it worked :o)

I ran a full 10k !!!! It wasn't quick by any means 1hr 11 mins but who cares, i did it :o)

I still can't believe it, it's less than a year ago i remember getting soaked to the skin on the way to my car because 'i can't run' and finally decided to give C25K a go. I struggled through the first 1 minute runs and every week i 'knew' i couldn't possibly get through the next week and i'd never get past week 5!!!. but with more than a little gentle coaxing from my wonderful other half i did it and despite being very hit and miss with my running since and taking the entire winter off my running just keeps on improving and i now can't imagine life without it.

Anyone thinking of giving this a go, just go for it, what have you got to lose. You never no you might even enjoy it :o)

Happy Monday everyone !!!

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That's great! I only have 2 runs to go until I graduate and 10K is my next aim too. Also that pace is good. I would be very happy with that for my first 10K!


Fantastic! Welcome to the ever-growing 10k club!! :)

A change of route often helps to keep us going and to rise to new challenges and your time is fine, nothing to be ashamed of at all!

This running bug is just great isnt it and I too cant imagine life without it either! Happy Monday and happy running!



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