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Parkrun #5 (3rd at Chelmsford)

Got up and ready for Parkrun, felt tired as finished night shifts Friday morning but that meant my body was wide awake last night until gone 2.30am, then daughter came in from work at 4.20 waking me up again...

Got to the start which had turned round since my last attendance, set off to Laura and Stamina as that gives me a pace and I know I should finish about the same time as the podcast; but after about 500 metres felt awful, no energy, breathing was hard, felt sick... almost ducked over the bridge back to the car park but thought 'No, get on with it!' Kicked the monkey off my shoulder and persisted.

Got left behind by a lady pushing her baby buggy chatting to her friend, then plodded on alone, unhappily. A cheery volunteer gave me a well done, I managed to reply about how bad I was doing and not feeling the love today... walked a few times, then had to redo my shoe laces (must tie them better in future!) Had one youngish chap walking a bit in front of me, managed to catch him up, then he found a second wind and left me behind again. Never felt so glad to get to the last 500 metre run to the end, podcast had finished so knew I was over the 35 minutes which I had hoped to beat, but tried to keep to the 160 beat to the end over the warm down track (not easy). Happily took my token, hope it feels better next time round. Stayed and clapped the finishers after me (there were a few, including a family who skipped the last 100m).

And the time... matched my pb to the second, 36.39. Couldn't have done that if I tried, if only I hadn't had to walk so much or tie them shoes... :-)

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.......and you had the resolve to carry on and complete. Well done you, not a bad time. I do not think I could have done it after night you had. :-) :-D


Well done you for keeping on going; determination or stubbornness??! ;) Brilliant!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sue x


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