Parkrun - Smashed the PB - 23:27

Parkrun - Smashed the PB - 23:27

Hi all!

Well that was something...

Right up to the beginning of the run I was in two minds whether to run for a PB or go for a more gentle run. My ankle felt a bit stiff during my warm up and I have a 10 mile run tomorrow so I was seriously considering a slower run. However on the way to the start line I changed my mind and loaded up last weeks 5km PB on to my Garmin and decided to try and beat it.

I set off fast first km in 4:27 and half way through the second km I was behind someone who was running slightly faster than I was comfortable with. However there was no-one else behind me so I decided to try and keep up. Every time I was tiring I fell behind a bit and the stubbornness in me made me speed up a bit to stay within 10m of my pacesetter.

This meant that by the time I got to the last km my Garmin was saying I was a whole minute ahead of last weeks 4km split. However I run a very fast 5th km last week and knew that I didn't have enough energy to run at that pace. I put my all into the last km and beat my PB by 47 seconds. My pacesetter pulled away on the finishing straight but they did a great job for me.

I had my C25K graduation shirt on today and a few photo's were taken, so once they are uploaded to the Barking Parkrun FB page I will upload one here!

10 miles tomorrow and hopefully I can beat last weeks time.

Here is a link to my run:

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  • Wow!! Well done!! I'm aspiring to get to less than 30 minutes at some point so it's amazing to see people can actually do it in under 25!!!

  • Thanks! Set yourself small and achieveable targets and you'll get there!

  • great run, nice when you can focus and run a PB. Good luck on the 10 miles

  • Thanks!

  • Great that you were wearing your C25k shirt, Aftabs. Let's tell the world how to get running. Another brilliant PB. There is no stopping you. Congratulations.

  • Thanks Ian! I try and wear my C25K shirt every Parkrun to give credit where it is due!

  • Very impressive :-)

  • Thank you!

  • Fab time ! Enjoy your run tomorrow :-)

  • Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

  • Wow! Fantastic time.

  • Thanks!

  • Great run Aftabs. Enjoy the 10 miler. Not sure how you do this on consecutive days ? Must be powered by Kryptonite.

  • Thanks! I'm showing my geekiness now but one of Superman's enemies was powered by Kryptonite, he's called Metallo.

  • I ran with my C25K shirt this morning too, and got under 24 minutes - but about 30 seconds slower than you, so nowhere near your fantastic time. There must be something in those shirts!

    Yours was an exceptionally good time and I've absolutely no doubt you can leave me in your wake by getting into the 22 minute bracket. Go for it Aftab - you know you can do it!

  • It's good wearing the shirt, I feel like I'm representing us in the Parkrun. Well done on your time, your age grading will be much better than mine.

    My initial aim was to get a sub 23 min time by year end so I'm on course for that.

    Ultimately I'm looking to get down to 20 mins and think I could be thereabouts in a years time.

  • Wow! Well done on a cracking PB :-)

  • Thanks!

  • Great going Aftabs and good luck with you 10 miles tomorrow. It's my first 10km timed run tomorrow and I'm also going to wear my C25K t-shirt :)

  • Thanks and good luck on the run! I am running a 10km in Greenwich park in 2 weeks and I'll definitely be wearing my C25K shirt

  • Wow what a fantastic time! Good luck for your 10 miles tomorrow!

  • Thanks!

  • Wow great time and I love the photo keep up the great running maybe like juicyju you too have a inner panther that makes you run so fast !

  • Thanks!

  • Great run Aftab, well done, you are soo good!!! Keep up the good work. I am trying to run my 5K under 30 minutes and the last time I ran it in 30 minutes and 1 Seconds..little more to beat!! Good luck to you for your 10K today mate!!

  • Thanks! Fingers crossed that the one second drops off soon!

  • Thanks Aftabs...

  • Great photo! In mine, there's a look of pain and anguish. You look really comfortable! What a man you are ... Hope your run today goes even better than we all hope.

  • It is definitely hiding some pain. After the run I was trying to ask some of the faster runners how they can manage sub 20 minute times but the words couldn't come out due to my lack of breath!

  • Superb performance Aftabs. Bloomin' well done.

  • Thanks Dan!

  • Zoom!!! You're unstoppable, well done! :)

  • Thank you!

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