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Couch25K in 5 weeks

Hi all

I completed week 5 on 28th Feb and after chatting with a colleage at work (who completed the c25k a few months ago and has lost 4 stone!!) who runs in a 5k timed run at our local park.

I ummed and arrrred about entering before i had finished week 9, but decided to enter the 2nd March event.

My colleague picked me up at 8.30am.

It was a bit daunting i have to say, everyone looked like professionals

We walked to the start and then we were off.

Took my time as the regulars took off at a blistering pace (the first home was 15 mins!!!).

Kept my own pace, remembering what Laura had taught me over the past 5 weeks.

Twice round the lake with a steep hill (it felt like Everest on the second circuit).

So proud when i finished 60th out of 80 runners but more importantly i beat the time i had set myself.

I wanted to be under 30 mins and did it in 28mins 45 secs.

Back to week 6 this week and i have the second run tonight.

I will keep on with the programme and use the 5K run on Saturdays as my 3rd run of the week.

Only downside is i picked up a slight groin strain and my calves were on fire when i finished.

Cant wait for warmer weather too.

Keep on with the programme everyone, and as Laura says," YOU CAN DO IT".

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christ alive!! well done badgerlad!! what an achievement.

in my dreams what you did.

such inspiration but i dont think i could do what you did without dieing!

best of luck with your next run and next park run ;-)

thanks for your encouragement - its what keeps us going through the hard times.

ali :-)


WOW - fantastic! 5k in less than 30 mins after week 5. I *wish*! :D Still can't manage that outside even now... Well done, badgerlad! :)


Great time! I run 5k a few times a week now and the best I've managed is just over 32 minutes and that was a push!


To be honest, were I able to do that at your stage of the C25k, I wouldn't bother with the rest of the programme. All I would say is be careful with regard to injury as stepping it up too much can be a problem but a sub 30 5k and only three quarters down the field suggests to me that you'd be wasting your time.

Oh and...bloody well done!


Blimey! That's fast! - and in week 6... You must be young, I think! And/or very fit!

I don't see any reason not to carry on with the programme though, if you like the structure of it, especially if you've picked up some aches and pains (though maybe a bit of a rest first would be a good idea!) But as Fingalo says, maybe you don't need it. What's your next target?!

Seriously well done. I am very impressed! :)


Thanks guys.

Fingalo I took your advice and just ran week 9.

30 Mins running in the cold driving rain, covered 5.3K and feel over the moon.

Bit sad when Laura said goodbye.

Everyone please just believe in the programme and believe in your amazing human body.

I'm 45 in 2 weeks and hadn't ran for over 25 years and just 5 weeks into the programme I felt comfortable enough to do a 5K run.

If I can do this anyone can, just keep on running.


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