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W6R3. I am officially a runner! :)

I really didnt want to go out today. Ive had a couple of 4am starts and travel to Scotland to run some training courses over the last couple of days which always takes it out of me and my energy tank feels pretty empty. Got a lovely coldsore to boot which I get when I'm run down so I knew this wouldnt be fun. But after a 14 hour work day yesterday, countless miles travelled and back to back training I still got up and thought I didnt want to miss out on Laura telling me I was a runner. I wont lie, it wasnt easy. The first 2 minutes were awful and hard and my body was begging me to stop and go home but I promptly punched the gremlin on my shoulder squarely in the jaw, brushed it off and plodded on. I tried numerous times to try and pick up the pace but my body was having none of it so i settled for a plod. The positives are I carried on and did 30 minutes instead of 25 and last week I did 3k in 32 minutes and today I did it in 27 minutes so I must have been a tiny bit faster. Seem to be fitter and able to carry on for the whole run without getting too puffy and panty but for me its all about the legs - wish my muscles didnt scream at me everytime I went out:( Is there anything I can do about this? Still Laura said I'm a runner so thats the thing I'm focussing on for the rest of the day. Happy (sunny) Friday everyone.

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I too do a fair bit of training and it does take it out of you. So you have done amazingly well.

You are now a runner, I remember week 6 and being told I was a runner was such a good feeling.

keep up the positive approach :-)


Well done!!!! Happy Friday to u.


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