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Week 7 run 1. Lots of rambling, be warned

Where to start, its been an eventful few weeks, and i think they are starting to catch up on me. I havent managed to get out for a run since saturday, the mind has been willing but the body.... well thats another matter.

Finally got moved house and 'almost' unpacked, in my defence of not running, i did pack the whole house myself, and we done 5.... van loads. Surely that counteracts my not exercising... lol

Went out for a walk yesterday to explore the area and my poor legs were agony. It must of been only 2 miles but i felt like id been hit by a bus. So was a little apprehensive about running again when im as tired as i am just now. But... i somehow found the motovation, and went out tonight.

I kind of threw myself out the house, i just jumped up mid tv programme, ran through and changed and catapulted myself out the door. Only to find it was pouring with rain, so i had a great idea of running up and down the driveway up to the house, its under shelter of the trees.

Lesson 1 of the day learnt... midges hide under trees when it rains. my arms are now covered in bites, as well as scratches, (weeding for 3 hours straight an overgrown raspberry plot this morning) that would be lesson 2, raspberries might not have thorns but they can scratch you to bits.

Anyway... i was nervous about this run, as i had read so many posts about people struggling with week 7, so i probably made it harder for myself from the start, expecting it to be hard, which it was, it was really really hard, this was my biggest struggle in the whole programme, so many times i wanted to stop, but i never, i kept thinking about what everyone says in their posts, its only a bad run if you dont do it.... so i kept going.

The driveway is down hill, which meant i had to run back up it, not good, it was ridiciously hard, i found myself doing the breast stroke a few times, leaning forward too much as my legs were trying to give way, arms going all directions, but coming back down again was good. Plus side to running on our own drive, i was able to take layers off as i went hanging them on trees :-D lol

lesson 3 would be dont forget to change into sports bra... enough said.

The final minute, i ran faster as laura suggests, which helps with the high at the end, maybey pushed it too much though as my legs were like jelly. Overall though i ran pretty slow, only around 3.6 km.

lesson 4, week 7 is bloody tough, but its mostly pyscological. I struggled, but im still here, i did it, and il do it again. :-)

Sorry for the long blog to anyone unlucky enough to come across it, its my therapy. :-)

Happy running, and good luck to everyone out and about :-)

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Hilarious! Made me cough I was laughing so much! You did really well coping with rain and midges and hills and underwear issues. Keep going, you're nearly there now! :)


lol :-) thank you i know, just got to hang on in there, i will get to the end, i will, Theres never a dull day when your out running. :-)

oh and speaking of laughing, i forgot to add the best bit......Im sure the cows in the field were laughing at me as well, one was looking over the fence watching me the first time i ran down, and by the time i got to the end of the run there were about 10 of them all gathered round watching me intently waiting for me to come back past again. They've probably never seen anything like it in their lives. I can hear them now moo-ing, im sure they're still talking about me.


Well done or getting out there, love the description of catapulting yourself out the house! I think mine is more a slow peeling of myself off the bed....!

It is all psychological, I seriously can talk myself into a bad run, as proven by my horrid run on Wednesday but if I focus it's all fine and dandy.

We're doing it though! C :)


yep, i really do think half the battle is in our own heads, i seen you had a tough one too, but.... at least we are getting through them. I like the increase in times, weirdly, i dont like repeating the same run over as much, i think its probably because it feels more rewarding to suceed in a run thats longer than the last, if that makes any sense, again thats all psychological .

One more for you this week though, then you're onto week 8..... :-)



wow - well done you . Moving home in 5 van loads, weeding between the vicious raspberry bush and then taking on W7 & in the rain too. Now that's what I call commitment.... so a huge well done again.

oh yes & midges - they don't taste too nice either..

anyway - you dug deep and pushed through it - I did the same run last night too & had to fight myself from stopping during the first part too. & isn't it so so good when Laura tells you that you're done at the end - I let out such a massive whoop and am still high5'ing myself (my shadow didn't play out last night so I couldn't do a high 5 with him!! :( )

keep strong and happy running... we can all get through this!


forgot to reply to this - Iove your ideas. High giving your shadow. I will be stealing that ! Lol

Thank you for the well done too. You hang on in there too :-)



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