Couch to 5K

Week 4 Run 1

Oh my God! I done it. I was elated after the first 5 minute run, soooo proud of myself. I paced myself for it and ran at 7-8mph and could maintain it for the whole of the running.

3 wks ago I struggled, red faced, heart pounding inside my head ready to collapse after running week 1 run 1.


I weigh 15st 5lb (5'6") so its certainly not an easy feat heaving myself about at 8mph.

*puffs out chest proudly & bows*

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Well done! You should be so proud!

running 5 minutes is not easy, you've done great :)


Wow 8mph you are stormin' it! Congratulations keep pacing yourself and keep up the great work!


Is 8mph good? I was a little disappointed that I'd reduced to this speed. (maybe I'm too hard on myself) Thanks all of you.

I'm new to this forum but find it really motivating. :)))


Well done. Its incredible how quickly we can achieve these times.

Be proud, you have earned it :)


Well done xx :))))))


Well done you! Got my W4R1 tomorrow and a bit worried about being able to do the 5 minutes. It does really help to be able to read of successful runs prior to doing your own.


Oh brilliant, I was worried about it and almost talked myself out of doing it by being negative about my weight etc, but i was amazed how well I done.

I'm sure you'll be brilliant. Good luck, and let me know how you feel after it? :))


Great stuff, like Dansmum I am starting W4 next week and it is good to see someone else getting through next weeks runs; 5 mins is a big jump!


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