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Week 5, run 1 complete...getting nervous!

This is my first post having found the community last week. I find it quite motivating to see how others are getting on. I'm almost at the halfway point now after completing week 5 run 1 on Tuesday evening. Starting to dread the 20 minute run at the end of the week!

I did my quickest run yesterday which was 6.35mins/km on average for one of my 5 minute runs. I've been trying to go a bit quicker as my boyfriend says I run slow but now I constantly feel tired and achey. And I thought exercise was supposed to give you more energy! Perhaps I'm going too fast too quick and I will have to slow down for the longer runs anyway.

Interested to know whether other people do other types of exercise on their rest days? I'd like to do something as I'm trying to lose some weight but I feel exhausted as it is.

Rest day today and then back to run two tomorrow

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Hi running-em. I do strength and Flexibility on my 'rest' days and I do feel it helps my joints a lot. I am trying the Low GI foods to try and lose weight too. I must say that I am still waiting for this elusive energy to kick in and I feel exhausted. We just have to trust the other bloggers when they say it will come to us - eventually!


I'm at almost the same stage as you - I did w5r2 yesterday (on my second attempt!) - and going to try the 20 minute run later on. I see a personal trainer twice a week who is great with my core strength. But I'm exhausted all the time too! Waiting for the energy kick...


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